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Wholesale Fashion Jewelry With many styles to choose from.

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry


As fashion reaches its peak in the world of today, everybody wishes to look the best of the best. To wear clothes perfectly in-trend, to don bags which are ruling the world of accessories, and to adorn themselves with jewelry which makes everyone go weak in the knees. One such genre is Ottoman era-inspired fashion jewelry. 

The Ottoman or Turkish era, as it is commonly called, was well known for its beautiful handmade jewelry. These ornaments differed vastly from their usual counterparts, and thus were liked and worn for their uniqueness. The designs of jewelry in the Ottoman Empire were a whiff of creativity in prevailing accessory norms. They lead to a rise in the size of jewelry – that is, all jewelry items seemed to have been enlarged. 

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

Produced with meticulousness.

Ottoman inspired fashion jewelry has a certain traditional vibe to it. Made with cultural motifs, they are representative of the prevailing trends during their era. Thus today, the same jewelry appears as a breath of fresh air – a touch of vintage in the highly-modern world. 

In case you are wondering what the jewelry of that time looked like – it consisted of vibrant hues and royal designs. Usually made of silver, the jewelry sets exhibited a metallic feel instead, which added to the uniqueness of the ornaments. For all those who love wearing rings, or are searching for an antique ring for a special someone who adores history, an Ottoman ring might just be the perfect thing. Most often it has a beautiful turquoise stone in the middle, and the surrounded silver has complex yet gorgeous engravings. One look at the gemstone and you feel yourselves transported to Turkey. 

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

Suitable for the season.

The necklaces of the time were also rare pieces of art. Pendant style jewelry came in fashion as people began to wear long-chained necklaces with single large stones. If you wanted to upgrade the look, the necklace could be enhanced by attaching a beady tassle with the stone. 

Can’t wait to fill your jewelry collection with Ottoman jewels? Purchase wholesale fashion jewelry, and attain beauty at lower prices. 






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