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Top 5 Reasons why not to wear 925 silver bangles while showering

5 Reasons why not to wear 925 silver bangles while showering

925 Silver bangles 01
925 Silver bangles

                     925 Silver bangles are made up of sterling silver. A metal alloy that is made up of 92 percent silver and 7.5 percent of either copper, zinc, or nickel. Sterling silver is one of the best     materials used in making jewelry items instead of pure silver due to its better shine, durability, and strength. But there is a slight problem with sterling silver jewelry that is, it is prone to tarnish.

As soon as the silver molecules come in contact with Sulphur or any other chemicals, a reaction takes place causing silver to oxidize and change its color to black. This process is known as tarnishing. Hence, if sterling silver is ever exposed to the water, salt, or any chemicals containing Sulphur. It will likely lose its shine.

Prevention is  better than loss

Taking off your 925-silver bangles, and then wearing them again can be a bit of a hassle, but not taking them off even while taking a shower can result in the worst. What if it unhooks and falls into the drain disappearing forever? Or what if it falls on the floor and breaks. Either you won’t be able you wear it again or it might cost you a lot to get it fixed again.
Therefore, it’s better to bear some inconvenience and take it off before going into the shower.


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