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Fun Facts you didn’t know about Diamonds.

There are several facts you may not have known about Diamond. Despite being expensive, diamond over the years has been one of the most impressive and outstanding gemstones.
But What could actually make a diamond have this uniqueness from all the other gemstones?

The answer may seem easy but elaborate as diamond is seen to catch the interest of every person in the world. However, Diamond has been in existence since the age of the dinosaur, which is approximately 33 billion years old, and humans have been seen trying every possible means to acquire them and even In this new age, is also performing aesthetic purposes for different people.

Diamonds are about 3.3 billion years old

Science has it that diamonds had long existed on the earth before the existence of humans and that these diamonds are formed over a million years. But the knowledge they basically are unaware of is that these diamonds are formed not just merely a million years but billions of years. Thus, from this concept, the oldest diamond is estimated to be 3.3 billion years old.

The issue of the discovery of diamonds and how it is traced back is fascinating since the planet is just about 4.5 billion years old.

Apart from the earth surface, Diamond is also seen in the outer space. 

In fact, in outer space, there is a diamond that is almost the size of the moon which is called ” Lucy” or BPM37093, while the largest diamond on earth is called The Cullinan Diamond.

Undoubtedly, Astronomers who studied outer space named Lucy after The Beatles’ famous song, “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, ”because of it looking like a large diamond and the outside layer shrinking due to the amount of heat that the star is exposed to by the sun, if these

assumptions are considered to be the truth, then it would not be out of place to say that this star measures up to 10 billion trillion trillion-carat diamonds in the Centaurus constellation.

Fun Facts you didn’t know about Diamonds.


The First Diamond Engagement Ring

The story of the first diamond engagement ring has always been a wonderful display due to the romantic notion it creates. It showcases how for the very first time as it has been recorded, the character Archduke Maximillian of Austria presented an expensive Diamond engagement ring to his partner Mary Burgundy out the very purpose of love in 1477. This heroic act, in particular, depicts romance and deserves to be mentioned and deliberated upon.


The meaning of the name “Diamond.”

The word diamond derives from the Greek word “Adamas,” which means indomitable, as per the one that cannot be repressed or thwarted; this is because diamonds are known for their specific hardness as they are considered to be precious rock and stones which has a rating of 10/10 in the Mohs hardness scale because of the strong tetrahedral bond that is presented by the carbon atoms. And a precious rock or stone, as it is being called, occurs 100 percent naturally from the ground doe some of it is believed to have also fallen from space into the ground.

A diamond may tend to break if hammered on a particular point which is defined as the weak point, but it is nearly impossible to carry out this operation due to the hardness of the diamond. The weak, weak point in this context may mean a particular point on the diamond that may have uncertainties, thereby exposing the diamond to damage. Other known hard materials can barely lay a scratch on the diamond.

The key property of diamond it is very strong and cannot be easily destroyed, and hence, it is speculated that it only takes a diamond to be able to cut through another diamond. While considering these facts, it does not mean diamonds should be roughly handled by mean specific areas; it is mainly not just an ordinary stone, and certain materials may tend to scratch them.

Materials that are liable to scratch a diamond when gotten in contact with it are Rhenium Diboride Ultrahard Fullerite, and Aggregated Diamond Nanorods, which pose the character of causing harm to a diamond.


Diamonds are mined in several ways in the different parts of the country, debunking the initial speculation of people that diamonds are gotten from only South Africa and Australia, more especially, most of the diamonds are gotten from Russia, and also some may also be produced in countries like Botswana, Canada, and Namibia, but India is defined as the birthplace of the diamond as it was discovered there.

The only element that is present in diamonds is the carbon element which is about 100% and is bonded together.

The other elements have been tried naturally and even created artificially to get into the complicated structure of the precious stone, and this is the more reason in which diamonds are mostly found in different colors like orange, yellow, pink, and blue.

There are several imitations of diamonds as it seems to be the gemstone that can easily be replaced by other substances. That is why most people think that due to the use of the substance, that the substitute is fake, but it is dependent on the context and the category of stores or dealers that are selling the precious stone.

Since synthesized Diamonds do not have inclusions, they appear to be likely the same with diamonds, but the only difference is that it is made in the lab and not mined in the ground as the original masterpiece. For the very purpose that the synthesized diamond and the original diamond are different, they should also be advertised and sold as two different things. Because the natural diamond has more value, the diamond that is prepared in the laboratory is then synthesized form.

When people get in contact with a substance that resembles a diamond but may not necessarily be a diamond, they call it a fake diamond, including glass crystal, cubic zirconia, moissanite, and synthesized diamonds. But all the above-mentioned serves, specifically, a different purpose. The cubic zirconia is crystalline zirconium oxide, 

crystal glass bears no chemical properties to diamonds, and moissanite does not possess any resemblance to diamonds as well.

Nonetheless, it is speculative that heating diamonds to melt might be a bit possible, but the doubt is that carbon does not occur in a liquid state, and as such, there is very little knowledge about the action.


In this article, we believe that we have been able to impact the knowledge of the rare precious stone, which is the “diamond”. Get acquainted with these facts and do well to pass down the knowledge across as well.

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