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Tips on How to Wear Jewelry to Complement Your Look

Shopping for How to Wear Jewelry jewellery is no easy feat. And after you think you may have found what you like, there is a chance that you might find something even better. Hours and hours are spent checking, choosing, and going over details to arrive at a good choice. Even when selected on a whim, there is still a considerable period before making the final choice.

However, as much as picking and choosing jewellery pieces are essential, and the more important thing is how to wear them. How you wear your jewellery speaks a lot about your personality and style, defines your confidence, and most importantly, affects your general outlook.

It is why we have taken the time to list helpful tips on wearing your jewellery to complement your look.

Tips on How to Wear Jewelry to Complement Your Look


How to Wear Jewelry

Match the occasion:

You might want to skip out on the heavy and tinkering bracelet when you go to work or the rings that make it hard for you to concentrate when you are bent over, typing on the keyboard. Jewellery made out of pearl is not suitable when you want to go swimming, and the choice of jewellery you wear to church will not be the same as the one to the evening date.

There aren’t any laid-down guidelines for pairing off a casual outfit for a laid-back outing with any jewellery. You are allowed to be free, creative, and innovative. When picking out jewellery, it is crucial to put into mind the occasion that warrants it. There is, after all, “the wrong choice of jewellery, wrong occasion.”


How to Wear Jewelry

Follow your skin tone:

Not only should your jewellery compliment your outfit, but it should also match your skin tone. Yellow gold, orange, brown, or rose gold pairs off nicely with warmer skin tones, while the ideal colours for cool skin tones are red, blue, purple, and green.

It is essential to follow your skin tone when choosing what piece of jewellery to wear because it helps to accentuate your skin colour. Your hair colour and eye colour also play a factor in determining your jewellery. Tips on How to Wear Jewelry

Diamond: Every girl’s best friend

Every woman should have a piece of jewellery made from diamonds. Why? Diamonds have a secret that has been utilized by many over centuries. Apart from being dazzling gems, they go with anything.

That gown you don’t know which coloured jewellery to pair it off with? A pair of diamond earrings will do the trick. A good choice is a white diamond because you can find the whole spectrum of colours under light if you cannot afford diamonds, other close options like the Cubic Zirconia, Moissanite, and White Sapphire.


How to Wear Jewelry

Be subtle:

Especially when it Tips on How to Wear Jewelry comes to patterned outfits. It is always best to go with fine jewellery instead of loud ones when you put on patterned outfits or extra to it, like ruffles. Wearing a solid colour earring with a multi-coloured, heavily stitched shirt with so many designs is better than a colourful pair of earrings with an even more colourful outfit.

What the result would be is an ensemble that screams instead of complements. How to Wear Jewelry

Mix them up:

You can mix different coloured metals to see the result and try it on in front of the mirror to see how good it looks on you. Warm colours can go with cooler ones and vice versa. Don’t be afraid to tap into the depths of your creative spirit. You may never know just how well a combination that might not look good on someone else will look smashing on you. How to Wear Jewelry

Sometimes, little is more:

And in some cases, enough. It is essential to know when to stop. Wearing so many rings on your fingers to attract attention to how beautiful your nails are will end up taking attention away from your nails.

If you want to draw attention to how cute you think your ears are, wearing earrings to cover every single space is not the right way to go. Layers and layers of jewellery on your body don’t compliment, add or enhance your skin tone or outfit. Before you go out, look in the mirror and ensure that you are not decked with pieces that make it hard for “you” to be seen.

You want to enhance and complement, not cover up completely. Tips on How to Wear Jewelry

Three colours that can never go wrong:

Want a trio you can never go wrong with, no matter which way you choose to arrange the colours? Black, white, and gold. The combination of these colours will give you beauty, grace, and class.
A dinner date with a simple black gown paired off with a simple gold necklace is all you need. And that gold cocktail dress with opal earrings will have you looking like a three-course meal, ready to be served.

How to Wear Jewelry

Choose the best earrings for your face shape:

Tips on How to Wear Jewelry Earrings can make your face look wide, thin, or round, depending on how you pair them up with your face shape. Teardrop earrings will go well with inverted triangle-shaped faces, broad forehead, and narrow jaw. It helps to create the illusion of a larger width at the jawline.

For oval-shaped faces, a simple pair of studs will help in accentuating your cheekbones. If you have a round face and want it to look slimmer, avoid large earrings and go for dangle earrings.

Oval and round-shaped earrings will work nicely with square-shaped faces to give off the illusion of round edges, while round earrings and studs will also give long-shaped faces a fuller and broader look. How to Wear Jewelry


And you know what goes with them? The colour of the sea. Because pearls are gotten from the sea, it is no surprise that they go excellently well with sea-coloured outfits. From dark blue-green to turquoise, white pearl jewellery is the answer.


With the help of the above tips, Tips on How to Wear Jewelry looking for the right pieces of jewellery to compliment your look should be easy as picking them out, looking in front of the mirror, and walking out of the house, knowing that you are looking like a star. How to Wear Jewelry

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