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Jewelry Leading at the Forefront of the World

Jewelry Leading is not something you can buy from anywhere. You are spending a considerable amount, and you need to do good research first. Once you are done with it, you will get the results about the best jewelry brands or stores from where you can buy without any hassle. Every year, people spend a lot of money on designer jewelry, especially gemstone or silver jewelry.

Silver jewelry is leading all over the world because it uplifts the entire personality of an individual, plus it comes at an affordable price. Jewelry Leading Because of the increasing demand for silver, it is pretty common to see jewelry stores everywhere. The number of such brands is also growing so fast.

It makes it a bit difficult for you to choose the best one for an authentic jewelry purchase. Therefore, we are here to guide you all by providing you with a list of authentic and popular jewelry brands from all over the world. Jewelry Leading

Jewelry Leading at the Forefront of the World

Jewelry Leading

Harry Winston

Harry Winston was the founder of the Harry Winston company. The company was founded in New York in 1932 and was famous as a kind of diamond. Because of the increasing popularity, the company gained enough respect and love to work harder. Harry Winston was well known for his efforts to find the best uncut precious gemstones.

The company never stopped growing. The growth was commendable, covering 20 cities around the world. After he died in 1978, the brand was passed to Ronald and Bruce, the second generation. The Harry Winston is the symbol of royal and rare jewelry designs. Jewelry Leading

Jewelry Leading

Tiffany and Co.

Founded in 1837, this iconic brand, Tiffany and Co, was known as tiffany and Young. Earlier, it was a decent store for essentials. Later the company got famous for the rare and stunning silver jewelry. Charles Lewis Tiffany with John B. Young founded the brand, which gained a lot of fame as the world’s best silversmith at once.

Jewelry Leading Tiffany and Co are still maintaining their class by offering elegant and top-notch jewelry pieces. They have about 341 stores all around the world, which is quite an impressive number. Their little blue box and signature engagement rings are the most classic pieces to win the hearts of every individual.

Jewelry Leading


Cartier is the name of luxurious and gorgeous jewelry. In 1847, Louis Francois Cartier founded the company to offer the best jewelry design. The grandson of Cartier died in 1964, which ended the family control on the brand. The jewelry king, Cartier, is a favorite brand of many when it comes to designer jewelry. Jewelry Leading

They have about 300 stores worldwide. Love collection is the most valuable and distinctive collection, which is also loved by many celebrities. The diamond and platinum blend for elegant jewelry pieces are the popular ones of this brand.

Jewelry Leading


Chopard is a Swiss brand that was popular for women’s watches. Later, the brand progressed as the best jewelry worldwide. Louis-Ulysse Chopard founded it in 1860; since then, it is a reputed jewelry brand. Jewelry Leading

Paul-Andre, the grandson of Louis-Ulysse, worked hard for the brand, but the fourth generation did not agree to take over. The company was then handed over to Germany’s Scheufele family. Its floating diamond design behind the watch glass is the most popular all over the world. Jewelry Leading

Jewelry Leading


If you want a chromatic effect on the large rare gemstones, Bvlgari is the right place. Bvlgari, also known as Bulgari, began to offer its distinctive creations in 1884. The company never disappointed its clients in serving them with the best designer diamond gemstone jewelry. Jewelry Leading

Bvlgari is the name of perfection when it comes to a modern jewelry collection. The jewelry by Bulgari gives people a royal feeling. The leading reason behind their fame was the reestablishment of the cabochon gemstone cut. Jewelry Leading

Jewelry Leading


It’s impossible never to hear the name Chanel. Chanel is a famous brand with a remarkable story behind it. The beginning of the house of Chanel was from the ground of the flat, which was owned by the lover of the owner, Gabrielle Chanel.

He started working on top-notch jewelry in Paris in 1909. With over 300 leading stores, Chanel is catering to elegant women’s jewelry needs. The company is earning a great profit because of its distinctive jewelry line.

Jewelry Leading


Starting from Denmark in 1982, Pandora is a family-owned jewelry brand famous all over the world. With a considerable number of worldwide stores which is 2400, the company is gaining a lot of profit and love.

Per Enevoldsen founded the company, which was later supported by his wife as well. They used to bring authentic jewelry pieces from Thailand to sell. This export business grew incredibly, which is why celebrities are also falling for their accessories.

Jewelry Leading

Chow Tai Fook

Chow Tai Fook founded the company in 1929 in Guangzhou, China. The company was not only famous for its creative jewelry line but the property and construction business. The death of the founder’s son occurred recently. Now the company is under the control of the grandson, Mr. Henry.

The company outlets that are in China have chosen a number 2600, which is enormous. The company has several outlets across the world too. The clients fall for their jewelry pieces because they love to deal in the world’s most famous, polished diamonds. The brand in 2018 noticed a commendable profit increase.

Final Verdict

Women wear jewelry to enhance their personality, while it also gives them a feeling of satisfaction. They love to spend on appealing designer jewelry. But the only thing they focus on is the authenticity of the brand.

The love for classic jewelry designs never gets old, and this is why people search for the leading jewelry stores across the world. The list of top jewelry brands will help you choose the best designer jewelry for you or your loved ones easily so that you never get disappointed.

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