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Top 4 engagement ring choices are worn by Princess Diana

Looking for some diamond-studded, top-notch quality engagement rings? What’s better than looking into the iconic jewelry collection of the people’s princess? As Princess Diana’s sense of style had always swept a wave of trends following through, she was quite influential. Each jewel worn by her was either a thoughtful present or something she picked out herself. We cannot deny every piece she chose to wear looked fantastic on her overall appearance.

This is why choosing your engagement from her very collection is a wise decision. Whatever you choose would be wonderful to look at and would also have a sentimental value to it. If you’re someone who looks up to Princess Diana and wants some kind of a connection with her, this is it. It’s time that you choose your most important piece of jewelry in her name. It would surely bring a sentimental touch to your engagement, making the moment even more perfect. That’s what would make it a fascinating purchase as well.

Unfortunately, we could only find three engagement ring options for you. As these were the ones publicly worn by her, Princess Diana we could only find these while researching. However, all of them have a certain appeal that you find phenomenal. This is why we do not want you to lose this opportunity to find your perfect ring.

Top 4 engagement ring choices are worn by Princess Diana

Princess Diana


Princess Diana’s ring collection

Since it is an emotional moment for everyone, adding inspiration to your engagement ring is an opportunity we wouldn’t miss. If the people’s princess is truly your role model, you’d want a reminder for the rest of your life. Something that would be there with you all the time to inspire you to do well in the world. Princess Diana

Even if it’s not related to this, you wouldn’t want to miss all the iconic rings princess Diana used to wear. Rings that she would wear with her equally dashing outfits, a sign to look your best in every way possible.  We could find only a handful of her ring collections to relate to the theme of engagement. Princess Diana

Each one of them is incredibly beautiful, that will bring an additional spark to your personality. It’s amazing how one can come up with such fantastically stylish ideas from a single influential personality. This is especially from a princess that gave her everything to the common folk, regardless of what anyone thought of her. Princess Diana We dive into her world of exotic ring collection that makes for great engagement ring options. That is only if you can afford them.

Princess Diana

Blue Topaz golden-yellowish ring

As you can tell from millions of pictures all over the internet, the aquamarine ring is an emerald cut. It took the internet by storm when it surfaced right after princess Diana wore it at some event. The ring without a doubt makes us question everything we’ve known about emerald cuts. It has a design that is unique. The whole ring is bounded by small solitaire diamonds intricately placed under the main stone.

The set-in 24-carat yellow gold is the main sequence of the ring. The ring is a little on the bigger side and has quite a bright coloring. Princess Diana Even in pictures, your eyes immediately zone in on the stone due to its bright yet decent coloring. If you want something sparkly yet elegant like this for your engagement ring collection, this aquamarine ring would be a perfect choice.

Princess Diana

Sapphire 2.3ct And Diamond 1ct Cluster Ring in 18K White Gold

Inspired by the engagement ring worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, this sapphire and diamond mixed jewel is enchanting in itself. Princess Diana The actual ring has a famous history about it where the princess chose the ring from the catalog of Garrard. Since it wasn’t one-of-kind, the ring could be bought by anyone who could afford it.

Therefore the royal family wasn’t all that pleased with the choice. However, it was reported that Princess Diana chose it because it simply reminded it of her mother’s engagement ring. It was also said that the princess was seen wearing it even after her divorce.

This proves how much she loved the ring. This divine piece of jewelry has an oval cut with blue sapphire placed right in the front. The stone is centered between 14 solitaire diamonds. The 18K white gold band makes the unique finishing all that more special.

Princess Diana

Chloe Lab Diamond Eternity Ring 18K White Gold Claw Set 1.00ct H/Si

Who wouldn’t want an eternity ring from their partner, I would! But would you want it as an engagement ring is up to you? This is a ring from Princess Diana’s earliest collection of jewelry and was gifted to her by Prince Charles. The jewelry might not be seen after her passing but is surely stored with prince Harry and Prince William.

Like all of her jewels from her jewelry collection. This one was enchanting as well. From the structure of the whole ring, you can vividly see that it is an eternity right. Nothing’s more romantic than sealing your relationship with a ring that symbolizes eternal love.

The ring is draped with 18k white gold with a claw set 1.00CT. This makes an amazing combination of jewelry that you can easily choose as your engagement ring. What more do you want than a ring that represents the true love that you’re about to bind within the most meaningful way.


Searching for that one engagement ring that will ruin you for all options to come is truly a challenge. From all thousand other options of top-quality jewelry, finding a single ring becomes quite overwhelming at times.

You never know which one to choose as each ring to come seems to be greater than the other. Choosing one from our very own Princess Diana jewelry collection would certainly be the best way you could do it. All the rings mentioned above are enchanting in their way. Choose one that suits your personality and tastes the best.

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