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Sparks Jewelry Mystery with Previously Unseen Gemstones Necklace


Sparks Jewelry Mystery with Previously Unseen Gemstones Necklace

A Mystery with Precious Sparkles

When we think about sparks jewelry, we imagine a beautiful necklace with multiple sparkles of many different kinds. The color of the necklace will be determined by the color of the gemstones that are included in the necklace. The real sparkles in this type of jewelry come from birthstones; however, most of the diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires that are used in these pieces have been colored using oil and/or varnish. Many times, the jewelry will also contain other gemstones that are colored such as moissanite.

There is a wide variety of sparkles and colors available in today’s market. Pandora jewelry has a great reputation for the sparkle in their vintage and previously unseen gemstone necklace designs. The above piece is an intricate necklace of pink and green diamonds that are set in a gold pendant. It is modeled after a French country house that is themed to something that my friend actually owns.

Sparks Jewelry Secret Story

The Gemologist was talking with Krista Baumert about her new book The Wondrous Sparks Collection, including some clues to her best collection yet. The unique jewelry like the pandora and vintage jewelry collection tells the story of the Sparks sisters who were full of adventure and intrigue in the American West in the late 1800s. This story is really unlike anything you’ve ever read before! Learn more about Krista on her website, YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.



Some Other Jewelry Brands and Designers that Give Sparkling Jewelry CollectionChanel

The modern ear candy brand is releasing three new ready-to-wear collections for autumn/winter 2022. The annual show is considered an art collection, with an eclectic mix of high-jewelry, Pandora charms, and other accessories. Chanel shows have always been a bit more theatrical than other fashion shows—take the Met Ball, for example—and that is reflected in the designs that will be shown on this year’s runway.

Sachin and Babi

Shoe designers Sachin and Babi Ahluwalia are returning to the New York Fashion Week scene with their capsule collection, which first debuted at the beginning of the month at their Beverly Hills boutique. Sachin’s Fall/Winter 2021 line features lots of bejeweled accessories and vintage jewelry, especially mules and statement pumps. The collection will be sold exclusively in the Palais Royal shop during NYFW, on Sachin and, and on the brand’s e-commerce site with unique designs of wedding rings and men’s rings.


Housed in a former St. John’s University medical library, Genesis’s designs are inspired by vintage chain mail and Pandora jewelry. Known for its over-the-top accessories and one-of-a-kind bridal pieces, the brand is working its way into the NYFW scene. Last year, the brand had a small display more unique than the Blue Line and Jared brand during The Blonds’ Fashion Week show, and this year, Genesis will be presenting its Fall/Winter 2021 line in the Hamptons.

Garance Dore

When the always-flawless stylist and artist decided to launch her label last year, it was received with rave reviews. The oversized pieces that highlight, rather than cover, women’s hemlines are feminine and clean, as well as extremely chic. As an official NYFW spot, there’s no way that her line is going to be left out of the excitement.


Hailing from Scotland, Leith creates sustainable, eco-friendly clothing for everyday wear, which features lots of bold textures. The brand’s print and print-on-print clothing are incredibly eye-catching. The New York Fashion Week runways are about to get a lot more colorful.


Jackie O Fashions

If Jackie O is bringing it, you know it’s going to be high fashion just like the Pandora jewelry line. This is the brand that Lauren Santo Domingo co-owns, and the designer knows how to do a dramatic collection. Her pieces will be worn by everyone from J.Lo to Megan Fox, and the glamorous pieces that she’s known for are going to be front and center on the NYFW runways.

Sasha Bikoff

On her own, Sasha Bikoff creates art-inspired clothes for women and is known for her glitzy, feminine style. With a few big-name shows under her belt, Bikoff’s debut NYFW collection is going to be massive. And that’s no surprise; her pieces are as unique as she is.

Banks Feathers

The iconic 20-year-old label is back with another collection full of feathers. Feather accessories are a staple in nearly every outfit in the fall/winter. These brands are following the same jewelry patterns just like Spark jewelry.

is mainly about silver and vintage jewelry. It was said at the beginning of this brand that there is always Spark, Spark, and Spark everywhere due to its unique quality and patterns.

Spark Jewelry Brand

It is The Pure Me Collection and they provide a 100% vegan product with superior craftsmanship. All their materials are natural and it takes us only 4 months to create a single piece of our jewelry. The inspiration behind their brand is finding a way to make the jewelry trend disappear. They can make both, good and beautiful, look amazing.


Help Them Become a Success Story

Making this fashion revolution is not easy. They need all the help they can get to get our jewelry in front of as many people as possible. For this reason, they are going to open a Kickstarter campaign on April 18, 222 and they are hoping to gather support from all of you.

Your donation would be very useful and we hope that you can help them reach their $10,000 goal within the upcoming weeks. The reason for this goal is the following:

1. To make all our pieces individually-made, by hand

2. To launch a Kickstarter campaign

3. To create a fashion revolution through our product

4. To show how much effort it takes to reach this goal

Your help is truly appreciated!

All About Sparks

Sparks jewelry features the energy and resilience of feminine energy that is intertwined with the pentagram. Sparks with the pentagram is a simple design and look which is used as pendants and ring charms. Some versions feature the appropriate pentagram and rings as well. Sparks is a medium-sized pendant worn around the neck.

Sparks has a rose quartz as the center. This piece is worn by taking off the rings and gems. The Sparks pendant is also made to wear around your arm, waist, or wrist. The eye charm and vintage jewelry used for this pendant were also sourced from Maria Joskow and are of a woman wearing a head scarf which includes the pentagram.

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