The Cutest Marcasite Rings For Your Hands

The Cutest Marcasite Rings

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They’re pretty, they’re casual, and they mimic diamonds. They’re marcasite rings, ladies and gentlemen. Marcasite rings have had quite the history; they’re an elegant imitation of diamonds that have endeared them to many a person. From the earlier ages to the 1920s, to 2018, marcasite rings have remained a staple in jewelry items all around the world. Marcasite is a naturally occurring gemstone extracted from pyrites. Pyrites are a mineral that occurs naturally enough, but not all are suitable to be cut and embedded in accessories. Here’s a fun fact: marcasite rings, quite contrary to their name, are actually made of pyrites and silver. Back to the topic, here are the cutest marcasite rings for your hands.

Vintage Marcasite Rings

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Who doesn’t love a good stroll down memory lane? Vintage items are all the rage in the west and are only gaining momentum.  It only makes sense that vintage marcasite rings would be popular because silver marcasite rings have had their fair share of history. They were worn by women of court, and of higher social status in France during the era of King Louis the 14th when diamonds were forbidden for all but the King. They were similarly popular in Victorian times for their ability to be attached to pearls. These rings will keep you in touch with history, and with your inner diva!

 Minimalistic Rings

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Not everything has to be extra (or does it?) For those of us who like to keep a casual touch in life, minimalistic rings are gaining popularity in the beauty industry. You can keep a single band of silver twined around your finger with a sprinkle of Marcasites, or maybe a single gem on the front.

 Traditional Rings

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In countries like Pakistan and India, silver rings with Marcasites embedded have always been popular at events like weddings. So maybe get in touch with your traditional side?

Now you know the cutest marcasite rings for your hands, it’s time to go on a shopping spree.